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Emily & Vincent’s Charleston, WV Wedding | Emily Porter Photo | West Virginia Portrait & Wedding Photography
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Emily & Vincent’s Charleston, WV Wedding

August 31, 2012

Ahhhh, Emily and Vincent. Lovers of dinosaurs and snark.

I’ve known Emily for a long time – 13 years? 14 years? Something like that. We went to the same junior high & high school. Did you know that over 30% of Emily Porter Photography brides/grooms are former classmates of Emily’s (George Washington High School/Ohio University) or Bobby’s (Capitol High School/WVU Tech)?

I actually just made that statistic up, but it’s a pretty safe guess.

Anyway – back to Emily and Vincent, lovers of dinosaurs and snark.

Vincent rode into Emily’s life from the frosted mountains of Canada. He was draped in the uniform of the Canadian Royal Mounted Police and waved a flag bearing the symbol synonymous with delicious maple syrup. His voice bellowed the proud national anthem of his country. Emily fell head over heels for this stranger from the Great White North. The rest is history.

Their wedding took place the day after a crazy derecho storm came through and left many locals without electricity for weeks. As luck would have it, their church (First Presby in Charleston) and reception venue (Edgewood Country Club) didn’t lose power.

There was a lot to love about this wedding- Emily’s fun fingernail paint, Vincent’s Air Force Ones and gifted¬†dick towel.. (officially the best wedding day gift I’ve ever seen), the flowery orb things decorating the altar, the small-to-ginormous balloon switcheroo during the ceremony, the antique family wedding dresses on display at the reception, DINOSAURS, the Fleetwood Mac drinking game….. I could go on. Belle from B.Belle Events really outdid herself with the planning and event design on this one.¬†Also my dad is in at least two of these photos since he played the trumpet at their ceremony and cocktail hour. So basically, this post is full of awesomeness.

So here you go…. Emily & Vincent’s wedding.

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18 Comments Left

  1. Elissa says:

    Emily (and Bobby), you are always killing me with your gorgeous photos! This couple seems SO awesome… I want to be friends with them now based on this Emily’s nail polish and the dinosaurs and the cupcakes and the orbs!!! (Fun fact: I had a box full of those orbs to use on my wedding day, but on the day of we just plain forgot to put them out.) That colorful bubble exit photo is amazing and I love the B&W shot of the bride Emily getting out of the car. You’re so inspiring! :)

  2. Nyree says:

    These are some quite amazing photos!! Emily you looked so beautiful!! Congrats to you both:)

  3. Holly says:

    So much awesomeness in these photos! I love her fingernail polish, his towel is hilarious and the photo of them through the colorful bubbles is to die for!

  4. Kim says:

    I lingered for a loooong time on the shot of the bride getting out of the car.


  5. Sarah J. says:

    Such beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! I especially love the color shot of them coming out of the church with the bubbles.

  6. Emily P. says:

    I’ve fully looked at this post a good dozen times (and admittedly flip through our entire wedding gallery any time I don’t want to grade papers), and just don’t think I’ll ever come close to expressing my gratitude for the way you two captured our day. We woke up the morning after the wedding wondering if it had all been a dream. As Vincent says “the reception felt like it was 7 minutes long”… we never ate, I never danced with my friends, I couldn’t even confirm that I saw Vincent at the reception for more than the sum total of 7 minutes. It wasn’t until I was able to flip through our photographs that I fully felt the weight, beauty, and emotion of the day… in my classroom nonetheless. So thank you for that moment and all of the others you captured as well as those Vincent & I have shared as a result of your excellent talents.

  7. Lem Lynch says:

    Beautiful photos! I love your black and white work especially.

  8. small says:

    I love this wedding. They look like SO much fun. Her nails are amazing. The sweets table is making me very hungry and the chugging photos are making me thirsty. Such a happy, colorful and awesome day!

  9. Anni says:

    Dinosaurs! That’s fantastic, so cool to see such a fun wedding. Awesome photos, you two are such a talented team.

  10. Okay – that towel is something else – LOVE IT! It sets the tone nicely for the rest of the day which looks like some serious fun!

  11. Avelaine says:

    Wow. Awesome wedding guys! Can’t get any cooler than dinosaurs and dick towels :)

  12. andy stenz says:

    Seriously? That bubble shot. A.MAY.ZING!

  13. Kat Braman says:

    so so good. I adore those 2 at the end of the just the 2 of them in the empty room.

  14. Mercedes says:

    Sweet wedding. You guys rock so much.

  15. Steve Koo says:

    Killer coverage all the way through, Emily!

  16. http://tomharmonphotography.com/blog says:

    You’re quite gifted. Your work, in particular your detail stuff, is awesome. Carry on with the good work.

  17. Tom Harmon says:

    Just adore your work. Incredibly impressing. Your detail images are awesome!